Exploring metaphors, narratives and recovery of self via generative art therapy.


You will find documentation of my clinical contacts over the years on the menu above along with my photography, Non Fungible Token collections and curated artificial intelligence images.

I have been a Therapist and Crisis Responder for over 18 years. I have experience in International Crisis, EMS and Photojournalism. I am using this space to facilitate my own recovery from morale injury, vicarious trauma and burnout. I have helped thousands move on to have successful careers, families and achieve personal inner growth away from devastatingly dark places. While respecting civil rights, I have detained over 800 individuals that were an imminent harm to themselves, to the community, or were gravely disabled as a result of a mental health and or substance disorder. I am now taking a sabbatical to focus on myself in order to nourish my spirit through creativity.

Latest posts

  • Case # 9 FLASHBACK

    Case # 9 FLASHBACK

    69yo male experiencing disturbed sleep, claustrophobia, intrusive images, olfactory and auditory hallucinations after a 4th of July barbecue 2 weeks prior. Reports having a difficult childhood. Broke into a home at 17 stealing food out of a fridge and was confronted by an armed owner whom he wrestled and shot dead with owners firearm. Home…

  • Case #8 Domestic Violence

    Case #8 Domestic Violence

    Medically cleared 34yo Palestinian female referred by attending nurse due to #domesticviolence  Chief Cx: She reports she was assaulted by spouse who violated restraining order. Three supportive teenage sons present and refusing to leave room. All report homeland security deported their father and he snuck back into the country via contacts in Michigan who told him…

  • Case #7 TBI

    Case #7 TBI

    Inpatient nurse requests crisis assessment for 63yo divorced father who just woke up from a coma after a suicide attempt. Case Hx: Clear medical hx. No mental health hx or known prior attempts. Method of injury: Friend found pt unconscious in car that was running inside pt’s garage. Suicide note found on scene, saying goodbye…