Case #2 Make My Day

My first civil detainment: Chief Cx: Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) reports having an 83yo Schizophrenic resident who was found in a neighbors home screaming at the owners, “Get out of my House!”.
They report a decline in behaviors over the last two weeks which include scaring young trick or treaters, throwing food at other fragile residents and stabbing a non verbal one with a fork under the dinner table over the last few days without anyone knowing until a family member found the injury.

Pt is read miranda rights and vehemently declines to be interviewed yet curiously asks if I have seen any of the Dirty Harry movies. Pt meets criteria for medical clearance hold due to a mental health disorder contributing to being a threat to others as a result of a total loss of volitional control. EMS are dispatched and Law Enforcement spends 30 minutes gently encouraging pt to board ambulance. Suddenly pt jolts up out of wheelchair and yells, “Like Clint Eastwood would say, make my day!” and throws herself onto ambulance gurney. Now adamantly agreeable, Pt transported to ED for medical clearance. Attending nurse reports no supportive family present.