Case #8 Domestic Violence

Medically cleared 34yo Palestinian female referred by attending nurse due to #domesticviolence  Chief Cx: She reports she was assaulted by spouse who violated restraining order. Three supportive teenage sons present and refusing to leave room. All report homeland security deported their father and he snuck back into the country via contacts in Michigan who told him where they now live. All report that abuse was acute growing up under their father Family enduring national and international family shaming due to separating from him. 

Upon witnessing dad breaking in door, all three teens, “took baseball bat to him and called the cops”. Plan: Pt denies any SI/HI and family is referred to outpt counseling and local DV center. Homeland security is informed. Duty to warn call made to local LE who report they know the case well. Father attended to EMS on scene and transported to local county jail.