SightingsNFT @ opensea

Post pandemic, there have been increased sightings of diurnal and nocturnal deep forest creatures in the middle of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. Rumor among locals is that sightings increase under full moon. Origin and etiology is unknown.

CorazonNFTs @ opensea

A unique collection of 50 1408×1920 Corazónes named after 16 ethnic groups of love deities. All minted on Polygon Blockchain.
Each Corazón contains the following unlockable content:*

Link to 1:1 1408×1408 px of image.
Through direct communication with me, I will use AI to curate a personalized image for you based on one personal memory in all it’s forms. Positive or Negative. This can be very therapeutic.


MujerNFT @ opensea

A unique collection of 20 Mujer portraits produced by analog photography verbal prompts and curated with artificial intelligence. Minted on Polygon Blockchain.